Thursday, 25 March, 2010

sOmetHiNG AbOUt mE

Hi All,

I'm lippie lover, another 20 something beauty blogger wannabe form the sunny and sultry city of Chennai. I have been drawn to all things pretty, girly and beautiful all my life, be it makeup, jewellery, clothes, bags, books (yes, books are beautiful), quotes, et all.

My usage of makeup has in the past been limited to the occasional lipstick purchase/hording and use only on 'special occasions'. I became more interested in makeup when I started working full time in July 2008. With my daily outings, I realised that my makeup will get much more usage and started to get more into it (read: bought more stuff than ever before). It helped that I had started earning and could use my hard earned money for fuelling my beauty-obsession.

I'm also interested in other beauty & hair products, accessories, making jewellery and collecting quotes.

This blog is my attempt to record my beauty experiments (there have been many) and experiences. You'll get the lowdown from the Chennai beauty scene and the latest of my many beauty crazes.

Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I'm gonna enjoy putting it together.


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