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Wednesday, 31 March, 2010

Lippie Lovin' ♥♥♥

As my blog name suggests, I luuurrrvvveeee lipsticks!!! And have too many to use up. This is the one item of makeup that I have been purchasing for years (all the other items are more recent acquisitions). Anyway, I have learnt a lot through trial and error (all the error lipsticks go to my mom :D :D ) .

Over the years, after several slip-ups, I have learnt a lot about what lipsticks looks good on me and what don't. Here is some of what I have learnt:

1) Mauvish lipsticks DO NOT looks good on me.

I have purchased a couple of pinkish-mauvish lipsticks over the years, but I avoid them now. That's becoz my complexion is mid-olive with a serious yellow undertone. Even thought the yellowness is usually camouflaged by a tan, mauvish lipsticks bring out the sallowness of my skin tone and I look awful.

2) I have always been drawn to light brownish-pinkish lipsticks, nude browns or super pinky, very cool-tones pinks but they don't work for me for a few reasons:

a) light brownish-pinkish ones don't show on my pigmented lips.

b) nude ones make me look zombi-ish coz they seem to neutralise the sallowness in my skin tone and make me seem colourless or even greyish!!!.

c) super pinky pinks are too cool-toned for my warm complexion.

3) I have recently been really drawn to peach/ orange-toned colours, but for some reason, they also seem to make me look yellow, or worse still, make my teeth look yellow ( WHY? WHY? WHY?).

So after many a slips between the lip and the um...lipstick, here's what I've learnt to do:

1) I now try to look for lipsticks that are orangy-brown or orangy-pink. The blend of the colours seem to balance each shade and make them wearable for me.

2) I also like to layer a too-warm toned lipstick with a cool-toned gloss to achieve some lip-smacking balance.

3) I will only wear nude colours, when my eyes are strong and bold, coz that is sure to balance the non-existant lips and make me look alive (It's alive!!!). For that I first need to learn how to use eye shadows.

Still experimenting these days, but I no longer feel awful about buying a shade and find out at home that it doesn't look good on me. I now buy better, but even with the occasional slip-ups I think, 'I can make this work.'



Today was my last day on my job as a copy writer for an advertising agency. I leave with a mixture of sadness, uncertainty sheer relief and paralyzing fear. I wasn't exactly enjoying my job all that much, but I will miss the people I work with - especially my closest friends. I will also miss the laughter, fun and jokes about hair-brained, frustrating clients and the mad dash to reach deadlines. Most of all I will miss the sense of purposefulness that I felt, knowing that I was doing my part in something bigger. I am terrified that I have now stepped into the 'Great Unknown' with no clue about future plans and no idea about future income. I will now have to relearn how to live on a budget (earning spoilt me rotten financially) and become more responsible for myself.

I learned a lot in the past 1 1/2 years since I started on this job - about the job itself, about writing, designing and mostly about myself. Oh well, here's looking forward to the future. I hope to keep on learning as I go along.


Sunday, 28 March, 2010

It's the BIG 24!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ME, ME, ME!!!!!!!!

And it's the big 24

I turned 24 on the 27th of March!!!


Post about B'day purshases and gifts coming up.


Know the skin you're in

My experiences with makeup & beauty products have been shaped by my own unique circumstances, situations, likes & dislikes. Let me try and define what these circumstances are:

  1. I live in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, which is known to be not only super sunny & hot but also freakishly humid and dusty.
  2. I have a medium olive skin tone, with a serious yellow undertone. Parts of my skin can look very sallow at times.
  3. I tan VERY easily. My outer forearms, hands, face, back-of-neck and feet are tanned and darker than my neck and the rest of my body. When I say medium olive, that is what my tanned skin tone is. My natural skin tone is very light olive.
  4. I have very sensitive skin, which is easily prone to irritations, pimples, and skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. A couple of years ago, these conditions would only flare up during winters (not that Chennai winters actually qualify as that), but these days it flares up whenever I'm stressed.
  5. The condition of my skin has changed quite a bit, especially over the past few years. Several years ago, I would have considered my skin oily, but now I would call it combination sensitive. Combination means - Face: In summers my T-zone is oily, while my O-zone can be dry or normal; in winters my O-zone is dry, while my T-zone can be oily or normal. My body: It's usually super dry in winters and dry but clammy (yuck!) in summers.
I'm learning something everyday, not only about my own skin, but also about skincare, beauty & makeup in general.

My Foray into Makeup

In the past 2 years since I started working, sheer boredom and procrastination has often lend me to the internet for some distraction, amusement, entertainment, recreation, enjoyment, etc. I have been obsessed with beauty and skin for a while, but since then I developed a brand new obsession with makeup. This was mainly because I started reading beauty blog and later on, started watching beauty/makeup videos. Initially I read only blogs written by Americans or other westerners. Even as I enjoyed reading about their beauty experiments, I grew frustrated as I could not find most of the products in India. There began my search for Indian Beauty Bloggers.

When I started that search, all I came across were blogs by Indian women who lived in western countries. I was disappointed, but then I thought that something was better than nothing. At least some of these women were familiar with Indian products, looked to Indian celebrities for inspiration and had similar skin, hair & eyes as me (yes I do know that skin & hair types wary amongst Indians, but at least it was more similar than Caucasian skin, blond hair & blue eyes). I also found blog written by women from other Asian countries and read a few in the hope that they would mention one or two measly items that I had heard of, or better yet, seen. So I started looking at these women for inspiration and nothing more, still slightly depressed by my lack of beauty progress.

Another factor, playing on my mind was that I felt really overwhelmed by the sheer amount of products available to these women. It was a beauty-sensory overload. You see, not that many brands and products are available in India. If you go to any makeup store and ask for a primer form an Indian brand, most SAs will stare at you like you're an alien.

Then, I realised that even though I was purchasing more products they were basically the same thing (lipstick) and that I didn't really know how to use makeup properly. So I started paying attention to the beauty videos that I had come across and started watching them with a lot more interest. (My interest in the past was also mostly hording, rather than using :P)

Then one day, by fluke, I came across a beauty blog by an Indian woman living in India (IWI). I was beyond thrilled! I was ecstatic. It was well written and mentioned products that were actually available in India and affordable and accessible to me. Then, even as I was thanking my lucky stars, I came across more blogs by IWI. I was absolutely thrilled.

Now, I continue to read/watch and be inspired by women from both abroad an India. Here is a list of the blogs/ websites that I visit most often along with a sincere thanks to all the women for all the inspiration, information and guidance they provide me with:

Tia WIlliams at (miss her a lot)

In the past few months I decided to start my own blog to record my own beauty experiences. I'm not sure if I want to be read and I don't feel too comfortable as yet to even advertise my existence (I'm a very private person). This outlet is solely for me. However, If you have come across it and read something, I hope you have likes it. Do leave a comment if you want to.


Thursday, 25 March, 2010


I feel like I have to earn the right to call myself a beauty blogger and what better way to start than with a makeup inventory. This is nowhere near close to the collections that some of my idols have, but I love everything (ok most things...) in it. Here's the lowdown of my makeup stuff.

Here is my makeup inventory, as of 25th March 2010.


As you may have guessed from my blog name, I love lippies and all other lip products. So without further ad, here they are...

Lip sticks
  1. Lakme Enrich Classics - Barely There 652
  2. Lakme Enrich Classics - Cherry 352
  3. Lakme Aquashine Lipcolour - Fig
  4. Faces Velvet Lipstick - 183
  5. Colorbar - Mocha 020
  6. Oriflame Visions - Pinkberry 5077
  7. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Frost - Brown Sugar 118
  8. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Creme - Sandalwood 301
  9. Cover Girl Continuous Color - Rum Raisin 810
  10. Elle 18 Dew Lips - Strawberry Falls 003
  11. Elle 18 Dew Lips - Forest Fresh 021
  12. Elle 18 Dew Lips - Berry Brook 012
  13. Maybelline - Wine on Ice
  14. Maybelline - Antique Rouge 486
  15. Maybelline Water Shine - Rose Jam 10
  16. Maybelline Moisture Extreme - Chestnut 917
  17. Maybelline Moisture Extreme - Ruby Lustre 931
  18. Maybelline Moisture Extreme - Chocolate Temptation 781
Lip gloss
  1. Lakme Lipgloss - Watermelon
  2. Lakme Lipgloss - Lotus Mosaic
  3. Lakme Lipgloss - Ritu Beri D1
  4. Lakme Starshine Lipgloss - 53
  5. Lakme Starshine Lipgloss - 64
  6. Streetwear Lipgloss - Strawberry 47
  7. Streetwear Double Scoop Lipgloss + Glitter - Coffeelicious
  8. Colorbar Perfect Gloss - Choco Chip 011
  9. Colorbar Perfect Gloss - Berry Shine 008
  10. Maybelline Watershine Liquid Gloss - Caramel Cream 509
  11. Maybelline Watershine Liquid Diamonds - Chocolate Glitter 12
  12. Nivea Lipcare - Cherry
  13. Nivea Lipcare - Strawberry
  14. Nivea Lipcare Care Gloss & Shine - Pink Shimmer
  15. Elle 18 Glossy Lipz - Raspberry
  16. Elle 18 Glossy Lipz - Cherry
  17. Elle 18 Glossy Lipz - Grape
  18. Eyetex Dazzler Lipgloss - LG 006
Lip Liner
  1. Revlon Lipliner Pencil - Espresso 13
  2. Streetwear Lip Definer - Pinkline 03
Lip Balm
  1. Himalaya Lip Balm
  2. Lotus Lip Therapy (spf 15) - Vanilla
  3. Lotus Lip Therapy (spf 15) - Cherry
  4. Lotus Lip Therapy (spf 15) - Velvety Rose
  5. Lotus Lip Balm - Raspberry
  6. VLCC Lip Shield (spf 10) - Strawberry
  7. VLCC Lip Shield (spf 15) - Mint
  8. VLCC Lip Shield (spf 15) - Choco Butter
  9. Gargi Moisturizing Lip Balm - Pineapple
  10. Gargi Moisturizing Lip Balm - Vanilla
  11. Gargi Moisturizing Lip Balm - Chocolate
  12. Gargi Moisturizing Lip Balm - Kiwi
  13. Gargi Moisturizing Lip Balm - Peach


Since I started working, I have slowly become obsessed with colourful eyeliners and more recently, eye shadows. Here is what I have...

Eye Liners
  1. Elle 18 Stylz Eye Pencil - Brown Black
  2. Elle 18 Eyeliner (liquid) - Bronze
  3. Oriflame Visions Dynamic Duo Eyeliner - Jekyll & Hyde 3475
  4. Oriflame Visions Dynamic Duo Eyeliner - Thelma & Louise 3476
  5. Streetwear Eye Definer - Brown Currant 04
  6. Faces Eye Pencil - Charcoal 011
  7. Lakme Glide on Eye Colour - Smokey Green
  8. Lakme Glide on Eye Colour - Henna Gold
  9. Revlon Eyeliner Pencil - Black 11
  10. Revlon Eyeliner Pencil - Aqua Blue 15
  11. Revlon Eyeliner Pencil - Green 14
  12. Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner - Sapphire
  13. Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner - Dark Brown
  14. Maybelline Eyestudio Eyeliner - Dark Purple
  1. Himalaya Herbal Eye-Definer
  2. Biotique
  3. HOMEMADE!!!!!
Eyebrow Pencil
  1. Lakme
  1. Maybelline Define-A-Lash - Diamond Black
  2. Streetwear SHeer Mascara - Transparent 01
Eye Shadow
  1. Maybelline Expertwear Eyeshadow - Chai Latte 22
  2. Diana of London Classic Ultra Shine Eyeshadow - S 07 & S 08
  3. Diana of London Classic Ultra Shine Eyeshadow - S 05 & S 06
  4. Streetwear FX Eyes - Bombshell
  5. Streetwear FX Eyes - Ivy Green
  6. Streetwear FX Eyes - Oh My!
  7. Streetwear FX Eyes - Groovy Baby
  8. Streetwear FX Eyes - Cutey Petutti
  9. Streetwear FX Eyes - Spice Girl


As with all make up, the face is the canvas and of late, I've come to realise how important it is to take care of this base. Here's my very modest collection...

  1. Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush - Soft Plum 40
  2. Lakme New Pure Radiance Blusher - Terracotta
  3. Lakme New Pure Radiance Blusher - Rose
Glitter/ Shimmer
  1. Elle 18 Party Glitter - Bronze
  2. Lakme Treasures Sparkle Dust - Champagne
  3. Lakme Tropical Island Face Sheer - Sun Kissed
Face Powder
  1. Elle 18 Forever Fresh Compact - Wheat
  2. Lakme Rose Powder - Warm Pink 02
  1. Colorbar Timeplus Longstay Makeup - Dark Beige 002
  2. Lakme Face Magic Dailywear Soufflé - Natural Marble

This is all I have. Like I said, it is minuscule as compared to the collections of many other bloggers, but I still think it's too much. But that won't stop me from buying more soon (hehe)