Sunday, 28 March, 2010

My Foray into Makeup

In the past 2 years since I started working, sheer boredom and procrastination has often lend me to the internet for some distraction, amusement, entertainment, recreation, enjoyment, etc. I have been obsessed with beauty and skin for a while, but since then I developed a brand new obsession with makeup. This was mainly because I started reading beauty blog and later on, started watching beauty/makeup videos. Initially I read only blogs written by Americans or other westerners. Even as I enjoyed reading about their beauty experiments, I grew frustrated as I could not find most of the products in India. There began my search for Indian Beauty Bloggers.

When I started that search, all I came across were blogs by Indian women who lived in western countries. I was disappointed, but then I thought that something was better than nothing. At least some of these women were familiar with Indian products, looked to Indian celebrities for inspiration and had similar skin, hair & eyes as me (yes I do know that skin & hair types wary amongst Indians, but at least it was more similar than Caucasian skin, blond hair & blue eyes). I also found blog written by women from other Asian countries and read a few in the hope that they would mention one or two measly items that I had heard of, or better yet, seen. So I started looking at these women for inspiration and nothing more, still slightly depressed by my lack of beauty progress.

Another factor, playing on my mind was that I felt really overwhelmed by the sheer amount of products available to these women. It was a beauty-sensory overload. You see, not that many brands and products are available in India. If you go to any makeup store and ask for a primer form an Indian brand, most SAs will stare at you like you're an alien.

Then, I realised that even though I was purchasing more products they were basically the same thing (lipstick) and that I didn't really know how to use makeup properly. So I started paying attention to the beauty videos that I had come across and started watching them with a lot more interest. (My interest in the past was also mostly hording, rather than using :P)

Then one day, by fluke, I came across a beauty blog by an Indian woman living in India (IWI). I was beyond thrilled! I was ecstatic. It was well written and mentioned products that were actually available in India and affordable and accessible to me. Then, even as I was thanking my lucky stars, I came across more blogs by IWI. I was absolutely thrilled.

Now, I continue to read/watch and be inspired by women from both abroad an India. Here is a list of the blogs/ websites that I visit most often along with a sincere thanks to all the women for all the inspiration, information and guidance they provide me with:

Tia WIlliams at (miss her a lot)

In the past few months I decided to start my own blog to record my own beauty experiences. I'm not sure if I want to be read and I don't feel too comfortable as yet to even advertise my existence (I'm a very private person). This outlet is solely for me. However, If you have come across it and read something, I hope you have likes it. Do leave a comment if you want to.


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