Sunday, 28 March, 2010

Know the skin you're in

My experiences with makeup & beauty products have been shaped by my own unique circumstances, situations, likes & dislikes. Let me try and define what these circumstances are:

  1. I live in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, which is known to be not only super sunny & hot but also freakishly humid and dusty.
  2. I have a medium olive skin tone, with a serious yellow undertone. Parts of my skin can look very sallow at times.
  3. I tan VERY easily. My outer forearms, hands, face, back-of-neck and feet are tanned and darker than my neck and the rest of my body. When I say medium olive, that is what my tanned skin tone is. My natural skin tone is very light olive.
  4. I have very sensitive skin, which is easily prone to irritations, pimples, and skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. A couple of years ago, these conditions would only flare up during winters (not that Chennai winters actually qualify as that), but these days it flares up whenever I'm stressed.
  5. The condition of my skin has changed quite a bit, especially over the past few years. Several years ago, I would have considered my skin oily, but now I would call it combination sensitive. Combination means - Face: In summers my T-zone is oily, while my O-zone can be dry or normal; in winters my O-zone is dry, while my T-zone can be oily or normal. My body: It's usually super dry in winters and dry but clammy (yuck!) in summers.
I'm learning something everyday, not only about my own skin, but also about skincare, beauty & makeup in general.

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